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Technical Information for Product Purchased After 1 Januray 2015

The SmartMan Training Systems are composed of a manikin plus software. 301 systems also include use of a cloud server Below are the basic specification for the hardware and software.


Key Codes

File Information

Version Update Info

USB Driver
No Internet Required
On Key Codes
Using multiple key codes
More than 1 key code on 1 manikin
More than 1 key code on many manikins
Understanding Student Numbers
File Information
File location
Data file names & structure
How To Delete Logins
How To Delete A Results File
How To Backing up Data
Version v2.0+
Version v1.0+
Version v5.3
How to Update
How to Locate the Version


USB Driver
Smartman software requires a windows operating system. This can be a laoptop, desktop or tablet.
The USB drivers for product purchased AFTER 1 January 2015 will be recognized by the operating system. Plug the USB cable into the manikin and into the computer. The operating system will install the correct drivers. Be patient. This can take several minutes.

The Hardware
SmartMan training systems are built on an Ambu manikin. The manikins are re-built to meet more accurate requirements, to add new traing features, and to add a wide range of digital measuring sensors which are set by SmartMan. Proprietary analog to digital converters are installed and specifically manufactured components are installed. These physical features are the basis for the software.

You can download a detailed specification for the hardware. This includes, Principles, Hygiene, How to fit the face and install the head bag (if applicable), adjusting chest stiffness, and how to clean the manikin here. Further reference is here.

The Software
SmartMan software runs on a windows operating system and requires a graphics card with the ability to support 3D graphics. Updats are free of charge. To update your software, start your SmartMan and when the Login Window aappears, click on the Update Button on the far right side of the window. MDetailed information on updating the software can be found here: Detail On Updates.

For RSIM Products Our Minimum Recommendation Spec for Computers/Laptops:

For RSIM Products Our Minimum Recommendation Spec for Tablets:

For CPR Products Our Minimum Recommendation Spec for Computers/Laptops:

For CPR Products Our Minimum Recommendation Spec for Tablets:

The SmartMan Megacode and RSIM programs have optional ability to interface with a tablet to allow some features of the software to be controlled from a distance via the tablet. The main software requires a computer which meets the above requirements. The software cannot run on the tablets without the computer.

(Note: Computer May Not Be Included with SmartMan depending on the package you purchased. The SmartMan software will NOT run on a NetBook, Chromebook or a tablet. This program will NOT run on a tablet (e.g. an ipad) Printer Optional - User Provided).

SmartMan AR runs on an ipad or suitable Android device.

It is possible to use the latest software for your release version without ever accessing the internet. Internet is not required to run the skills training activities. Internet is not required to create logins or to use existing users.

If you chose to register users, an Internet connection is required. You do not need to register users to run SmartMan. Registration is only required to run the optional QCI and oversight software.

On Keycodes

SmartMan key codes issued for older products cannot be used with the new products.

A Key Code provides a unique identifier for results files.This identifier is link to your individual code. When a login is registered, any results performed with that registered login are able to be sent to the server. The QCI/Adminstrative Module can view these results and provide statistical information of the results.

If the computer is online when a regsitered set of results are completed, a ranking of those results will be proivded for that activity score.

Using More than One Key Code

When you purchase SmartMan you can have more than 1 key code assigned to you at no extra charge. Once you understand how they can be used to simplify your access to information you may choose to use several key codes instead of a single key code. You can have as many key codes as you like as long as the number of seats provided against your original purchase is not exceeded. Here are a couple combinations in how you might order key codes with manikins.

  1. You could order several SmartMan manikins and have everyone use the same key code.
  2. You could order one SmartMan and make use of several key codes.
  3. You could order a key code for each SmartMan.

If you have already been using SmartMan and now would like to make use of more than one key code. Please contact SmartMan on info@smartman.biz.

Using Multiple Key Codes on 1 Manikin

By using different key codes with different groups, you can easily identify results later. When you use the SmartMan QCI Program you will be able to analyze each group separately.

One way to do this is to simply give the group the Key Code and make sure they use it when they register. An easier way is to change the template before the second group goes to register.

Example 1 - Using a 2nd Key Code and the Template: You might be using SmartMan mostly with one group. Then on another day you take SmartMan to a second location to test a different group. You can have the second group use a second key code. To prepare for this, before the second class,

NOTE: You must remember to change the Template BACK to using the previous key code when you return to use SmartMan to your regular group. The Template only stores the current changes.

Example 2 - Using a 2nd Key Code for each registration: A second way to use another key code, particularly if you only have a few people to test or if you have a mixed group, is to have the second group enter the second key code when they register.

Let say that you have 1 SmartMan and normally use it for one group. Then one day you have 4 or 5 other people come to do CPR. If you want to keep their results separate, give each of them the second key code to use when they register. They will know that they have entered a correct key code because a check mark will appear.

Because they have NOT made any changes to the Template, when your regular people go to register, they will still be using their normal key code.

Using Multiple Key Codes on Multiple Manikins

The easiest way to make use of multiple key codes is to have a separate key code on a separate computer for each SmartMan manikin system you are using. To do this simply create a template with the key code you want on each machine. This is particularly useful if you have a SmartMan installation at different fire stations or perhaps they are in different sites around a county.

You can greatly simplify the registration process by making use of the SmartMan “Corporate Template.” Please refer to the file related to that topic to learn more.

Understanding Student Numbers
When a user is registered, the registration information is verified, a file is created on the server and on the local computer. When everything is set up a student number is issued for that registration. This is a unique number and is ONLY associated with that registered login.

This student number will be sent to the email address which you used to register. In older versions, the student number appears in the blue space on the registration page. In the 1 Jan 2015 version, the button allowing you to return to the main menu becomes active. If for some reason the server is unable to complete the registration, create the student number, and return it to you, this user will NOT be registered. This means that the results will not be stored on the server.

Ranking of Results
The student number is also required to display where your results rank for the activity. This is provided if you are connected to the internet when you perform and activity. Upon completion of the activity, the result are submitted to the server. A display showing where your percentage rates out of those result submitted, will be displayed.

Why The Student Number is Used
It is an identifier for both the raw data, archived data, and data sent to the server. It is an indication that the server side has been correctly created and can thus be used. The student number makes it possible to find information at a later date. When you wish to use the QCI software to analyze results or to conduct research this number is important.

File Information

Location of Files

Your SmartMan files are located on the local computer where the training activity was performed. They are on the local C: drive. There are two different areas: one folder where the program files reside and another where the results of the activities are located.

PROGRAM FILE LOCATION for Version 2.0.0 and Above

SmartMan Program files are always in the C:\SmartMan2 Suite\ directory. Within that directory your particular product will have its own directory. For example:
C:\SmartMan2 Suite\SmartMan ALS Pro
C:\SmartMan2 Suite\SmartMan Mega Pro+
C:\SmartMan2 Suite\SmartMan BLS Pro

The exact name of the folder will depend on which product you have purchased.

To delete a SmartMan program, uninstall the program from control panel.

PROGRAM FILE LOCATION for Version 1.0.0 to 1.1.7

SmartMan Program files are always in the C:\SmartMan Suite\ directory. Within that directory your particular product will have its own directory. For example:
C:\SmartMan Suite\SmartMan ALS Pro
C:\SmartMan Suite\SmartMan Mega Pro+
C:\SmartMan Suite\SmartMan BLS Pro

The exact name of the folder will depend on which product you have purchased.

To delete a SmartMan program, uninstall the program from control panel.

Systems purchased after 1 Jan 2015 will be in a directory which more clearly indicates the name of the program. For example, depending on which product you purchased you could see:
SmartMan BLS
SmartMan ALS Pro
SmartMan MegaLV Pro

(SmartMan and Airway SmartMan files purchased before 1 Jan 2014 will be located in c:\V4EMS_Data directory.)


All results from activities are stored on the local hard drive. Results are saved in the same place for version 1.0.0+ and 2.0.0+, and have been successfully stored when you see the results of an activity. These are stored on the C:\ drive with the SmartMan product name. For example, you will find activity results in:

Results are never stored in the program area described immediately above.

Data File Names and Structure

Data files are stored on the local hard drive. Below each login name is a directory which contains data files for each test that is performed. Each file has an extension. They can be found here:
C:\SmartMan BLS, or
C:\SmartMan ALS, etc

Each of the login names that you have created will appear as a file folder. When you click on the directory, you will see each login name as a file directory. Within each login folder, there will be a folder for each skill such as compressions, ventilations, CPR or advanced CPR. For example, the results from a compressions activity will be in the compressions directory and the file will end in .smc. The results of a Rescue Breathing activity will be in the ventilations directory and will end in .smv
SmartMan Ventilations            = .smv
SmartMan Compressions        = .smc
SmartMan CPR                     = .smcpr 
SmartMan Advanced CPR      = .smmc
SmartMan Megacode             = .smmc
Each file contains the raw data. These are the data points that are recorded for the skills performance in each activity.
Theseraw data files are in text format and can be directly copied.

How to Delete A Login

All data from a particular login can be deleted by deleting the directory with the login name which you wish to delete. If you do this all information will be deleted. The next time you start the SmartMan program, this login will NOT be in the login area. All results will be gone.

How to Delete A Skills File

All information related to a skills practice or test is stored in the directory which shares the login name. In each directory, there is a separate folder for skills performed as compressions, ventilations, CPR or as an advanced airway. Each complete session is stored in one of these folders. By deleting one of the files in the folder you delete the record of that practice or test.

How to Back Up Records

To back up all results from tests and practices, go to the SmartMan data directory and copy everything in the directory.

You can create a backup of all results files from within SmartMan (depends on which product you have as to whether this feature is available in your product). To create a zip file of all results, do the following::
1. Connect To The Internet.
2. Login as any user. On the right side of the SmartMan screen click on Trainer Tools.
3. Click on Results Tab. In the space provided, type a name for the file. In the space below it, enter an email address whhere teh results should go,
4. Click the send button.

If you are not connected to the internet, teh zip file of the results will still be created. The directory where it is located will appear in the window. You can copy that file onto a stick.

To utilize this system, the login must be regsitered, SmartMan must be connected to the internet, and at the Main Menu Internet must be ON.. With these conidtions met, anytime a person completes an activity, the results will be sent to the server. You will know that those resuls are on the server as you will see the ranking button appear. If the ranking is not provided, then the data has not been received by the server. These results can be submitted later. Login, click on the Previous Results Button, select the results you wish to submit. When they are displayed, if the preious condition have been met, it will automatically contct the dtabase and try to submit the results. Or you can click onthe click on Online Results Button.


How to Update Your SmartMan Program
Software Updates are free of charge. To update you start your SmartMan software and click on the Update Button.

Version of Software: You must know the version of your software BEFORE you can update. The version of the software is matched to the version of your hardware.

Version 2.0 and later
Summary: Start SmartMan software. Click Update Button. Click Update. Close SmartMan Software. Click on the Download and follow the prompts.

Detail on Updating v2.0+ Software. Make sure you are connected to the internet. When you see the Login Menu, click on the Update Button (far right side of the window). A window will appear. Click the Update Button. If a more recent version is available it will display the version number of the latest update. You have the option to update or not update. To Update, click Update. CLOSE the SmartMan program and wait for the download to complete. When it has finished downloading, click to start and follow the prompts. If you decide not to Update, click Continue (above the popup in the main window.
Note: You do NOT have to be connected to the manikin to update.

Version 1.0 and less than 2
Summary: Start SmartMan software. Click Update Button. Click Update; you may have to update several times until all of the updates bring you up to the current version. Run SmartMan as normal.

Version 5.3
Summary: Start SmartMan software. Click Update Button. Click Update. Please note that version 5.3 is deprecated.

How to Locate Your SmartMan Program Version
For version 2.0+: Start SmartMan program, login, the version information will be at the top left of the screen.
For version 1.0+: Start SmartMan program and at the login screen, version information will be at the bottom towards the middle right of the login screen.