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Solution To Improving Survival

Improving Survival Rates - This means better CPR. Study after study has shown that survival is directly related to how well CPR is performed. The empirical evidence points to several key features which are often summed up with the term " Quality CPR". SCA is a big deal. In fact it is likely the single largest issue of public care, A Huge Public Health Issue.

SmartMan can provide your team with the best CPR training systems in the world.

Achieving Quality CPR
Setting Thresholds
Evidence Based Assessment
Retention of High Level Skills

SmartMan can work with your people to set up the required system level procedures to develop world's best practice in your system.

Going Beyond Quality of CPR
Establishing A System of Care
Achieving World's Best Practice
Already Proven Results
Implementing The System

A Huge Public Health Issue

Deaths from SCA

"Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is a leading cause of death among adults over the age of 40 in the United States and other countries. In the U.S. alone, approximately 424,000 people of all ages experience EMS-assessed out-of-hospital non-traumatic SCA each year (more than 1,000/day) and nine out of 10 victims die. In fact, the number of people who die each year from SCA is roughly equivalent to the number who die from Alzheimer's disease, assault with firearms, breast cancer, cervical cancer, colorectal cancer, diabetes, HIV, house fires, motor vehicle accidents, prostate cancer and suicides combined. SCA ... can be treated successfully through early intervention with cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), defibrillation, advanced cardiac life support, and mild therapeutic hypothermia."

Details Here.

SmartMan takes saving lives seriously. We provide the highest quality CPR training systems in the world and using SmartMan in an EMS system correlates with more survivors.

The public has a huge role to play in SCA response. The greater the number of the public that help, the more lives that are saved. Take the SmartMan Challenge – if you are present at a sudden cardiac arrest, would you help? SmartMan also participated in the first CPR Saves Lives March in support of SCA. Watch the short video of the march here.

Quality of CPR

SmartMan Will Give Your Program Results

The quality of the device and the exceptional feedback provide you with the tools to make sure people are performing to the highest levels.

  • Very High Device Accuracy. This is essential to good training and to be able to provide the information necessary on all parameters.
  • Performance thresholds are easy to set with SmartMan. As soon as an activity is completed you see the score. Activities can be performed with or without the feedback.
  • Objective evidence based assessment is easy with SmartMan. The measurement is always accurate and it provides an immediate score. It also stores the data of the activity.
  • Student themselves can interpret the feedback and thus are able to re-adjust as required
  • Setting Thresholds

    It is important for the student to have a target performance level. It is also important for the trainer and supervisors to set a target level. SmartMan has the highest standard for accurate performance, accurate recording and reporting on how well people have performed. And all of the data is real rather than extrapolated points.

    Evidence Based Assessment

    If you are serious about Quality CPR, then you must be able to accurate and objectively assess the level of performance of your students.

    Retention of High Level Skills

    Excellent training equipment and top level feedback allow students to develop muscle memory of correct performance. They need to have refreshers which take little time but allow the student to re-adjust performance errors.


    Beyond Quality of CPR

    CPR works within the emergency response system. All parts of that response system must be tuned to helping high quality CPR work and achieve high survival rates.

    SmartMan has the people and experience to guide your system in how to make all of the components work together.

    System of Care for SCA

    SmartMan is dedicated to improving survival rates due to sudden cardiac arrest. With training products that are more accurate and which have more data that others, we are able to integrate the quality of training with response procedures. This now includes the ability to track outcomes. This means that we can help you set up a system which improves CPR training.

    It's key elements are:

    Achieving World's Best Practice

    The more parts of the complete system that can be improved, the greater the chances of survival for the victim of sudden cardiac arrest. SmartMan employs a group of people who have already implemented this system across whole systems. We design and implement the complete response procedures across a whole county or greater. The aim being to provide your response area with world's best practice.

    Analysis: We will have an expert examine your system and recommend what would be required in your situation. From this we provide a written report recommending stages and costs.

    Collaborative Effort: SmartMan works within your structure with your people. Thus as the process and procedures are being implemented your people develop the skills and knowledge to take it over at a later stage.

    Milestones: Results will be demonstrable. That iss there will be objective assessment at all stages.

    Hand Off: Once implemented SmartMan will be hands off.

    Already Proven with Best Results

    This cardiac arrest management system of care has already been proved in the field. One of the current implementations represents several years of experience and is a distillation of practices that have shown direct improvements in survival to discharge. The vast majority of the increase in survivors are released in CPC 1 and CPC 2.

    The system we are implementing is already proven to work; it achieves results.

    Click here for proven results. Click here for in depth clinical results.

    Testimonials, recommendations and data from real implementations are available on asking.


    The system achieves its goals. To get the optimum results and highest survival rates, each of the following must be coordinated.

    We make sure each stake holder has signed off on the process. Time lines are flexible but give targets to be reached. From set up to demonstrating improved survival for your first results takes about two years.

    Cerebral Perfusion

    SmartMan has always been a leader in relating performance of skills learned in training to sending people home to their families. After all, that is our mission. From the start we have been concerned with how the quality of CPR can improve the neurological condition of sudden cardiac arrest survivors. After more than a decade, and in spite of many places claiming to be doubling the number of survivors, the research shows that places using SmartMan have a much higher percentage of people being released in CPC level 1 or 2. In the research SmartMan trained areas produced more than twice many survivors neurologically intact (CPC1 or CPC2) when compared to the total number of survivors registered on the CARES Network (Cardiac Arrest Registry for Enhanced Survival). See extract here.

    CPC stands for the Cerebral Performance Category.
       CPC 1 = A return to normal cerebral function and normal living
       CPR 2 = Cerebral disability but sufficient function for independent activities of daily living
       CPC 3 = Severe disability, limited cognition, inability to carry out independent existence
       CPC 4 = Coma

    SmartMan includes a section within almost all of its training products to show how quality of performance os skills directly relates to whether the blood will flow to the brain or not.

    Research shows that it takes 10-18 high quality compressions to attain cerebral perfusion but that blood flow stops very quickly (within 2 seconds) when you stop compressions. Check this feature out on your SmartMan. Check out the “Cerebral” Button in the compression activity to turn on this display. Sometimes it is labelled as the "Hands-Off" Button.

    Click for a detailed information on Cerebral Perfusion on SmartMan