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Courses Overview


 *  Experts on Our Products
 *  Experienced Educators
 *  At Your Site & Via Video

Practice & Theory

 *  Hands-on & Discussion
 *  Target Achievement Goals
 *  Flexible to Your Needs

Professional Courses. These are Professional Courses that teach you how to get the best use out of our SmartMan Products. You must already have access to at least one SmartMan Training / Simulation System. Each course is formally structured with aims, procedures, specified content, hands-on, evaluation. It combines both the why and how (the theory) and the hands-on with objective accurate feedback (the practice). It is expected that students will participate by using the manikin during the class. ........ >>> Contact SmartMan For Details

Courses are taught by our expert instructors. Being a SmartMan instructor means that:

  1.          *  They know SmartMan
  2. System
  3.          *  They know the skills performance areas that they each system covers
  4.          *  They know how to achieve best results on our training systems
  5.          *  They have experience in teaching with our manikin training systems

Course Design. Courses are created by a person or persons who have advanced degrees in educational science. This means that the basic content and instructional design are of a high standard. Each course is designed to have students achieve the aims of the course.

Course Content. Content is always directly related to and relies on SmartMan. There are two types of courses:
a) those that provide enhanced usage of a SmartMan System;
b) those that related to how groups of people cooperate together to achieve better outcomes. Our courses cover all of our products and all of the content which are the focus of our products. See below an example of the types of courses that we offer. If you want specific courses with specific content which you do not see, contact us and we will let you know whether we are able to deliver that course or not. For a sample of our most popular courses, see below.

Course Delivery Modes. These require that you have SmartMan training systems. We are flexible in the delivery. Normally they include some face-to-face and many courses include live video interaction and direction. With the current concern for personal safety related to COVID-19, we are offering TeleDistance Learning Courses related to our use of our products. Click here for More on TeleDistance Delivery.

Students are expected to participate; that is, they are required to perform actions on the manikin systems. Courses have a specified content with a goal to have participants learn how to do something and why to do it.

Delivery Language. Our experts use English to deliver courses. We have several experts who are able to communicate in other languages as well. If you require local language support, please advise us before the course or service is agreed.

You Provide. You must have the SmartMan Training Systems, devices that are required for the procedures being practiced (e.g. BVM, Intubation Gear, etc), space for students to be able to move around the manikin system and to be able to move the manikin if required. If you have a gurney, you must provide a sturdy back board. SmartMan will detect if the bed is too soft and you will not be able to perform action correctly.

If you select to have at least some online interactive component, you must have an internet connection capable of streaming video on at least two cameras at once.

Fees. Courses are charged on a per site basis for a maximum number of participants.

They include hands-on the manikin systems. The total number of people who can be taught at one session depends on the number of manikins systems which you have. If your course involves sending our expert(s) to your site, the price for transportation and accommodation will be included in the quotation. Course are subject to finding a mutually acceptable time.

Current Introductory Offer. All orders for RSIM ARDS received and paid for before 1 January 2021, will receive up to 3 hours of TeleDistance Learning. Timing and content are subject to mutual agreement. Specific content can be customized to your needs.

If you have a specific need that you do not see listed or which you would like to have covered during an existing course, please contact V4EMS at info@smartman.biz or contact us.

RSIM Courses for Resuscitation Simulation

World's Best Practice

 *  Maximum Benefit For The Patient
 *  Tips From Places That Have Had Success
 *  Focus on Better Outcomes

Team Cooperation

 *  Details on Leading a Response
 *  How to Cue and Respond
 *  Dealing with PPE Complications

Focus on World's Best Practice

These courses provide how to utilize the RSIM products to achieve world's best practice. The tips and techniques demonstrated and practiced will include the science of why these slight variations in protocol and how focusing on special aspects of performance that lead to better outcomes in the very best places in the world.

These courses include hands-on and require that multiple people are available to perform the activities.


Tasks focus on specific performance areas which have proven difficult. They are on areas which are critical to quality performance and deal specifically with issues relating to attain quality, maintaining retention rates, establishing program baselines and improvement.


Teams focus on making explicit the knowledge and action that are necessary for a group of people to work as a single unit for the benefit of the patient. For example, it covers how to lead during a response, how to deliver cues and give a take up to a cue to improve anticipation, communication, and timeliness.


This RSIM course covers the practical aspects of high quality skills for assisted ventilation, advanced ventilation and a team response. It deals with the difficulties introduced by working in personal protective equipment and with people who may not have been trained in the same protocols or speak another language.

If you are using your own monitor/defibrillator you will need a rhythm generator. If you already have one, you can still use that or we can supply one for you. If you wish to use conductive posts and training cables, we have a solution for that as well. No matter how you decide to proceed we can provide a solution for you. See more here.

Megacode and CPR Courses

Get the Best Out of SmartMan

 *  Select BLS, ALS or Megacode Focus
 *  In-depth and Practical
 *  Deals with the Science & important performance issues


 *  Easy to Modify Content to Suit You
 *  Printed Notes with Examples
 *  Suggestions On How to Achieve Goals

Practice & Understanding

These courses provide advanced understanding of the SmartMan systems which you have. They relate the current science to performance skills and to how to improve skills performance on SmartMan. These courses provide hands-on experience and give suggestions as to the best way to implement target performance levels for different groups and different skills. Examples are given from other places which have dealt with the same issues.

CPR Research

These courses aim to build understanding of what data is collected so that you can be informed when generating reports and examining data. This is a hands-on course when students will work with data, generating reports. Basic knowledge of a spreadsheet is required. This will also cover printing the report and how to revise then print again.


Data and Cloud Courses


 *  All Levels of Decision Making
 *  Avoids Frustration & Assures Results
 *  by Our Professional Experts Who understand the data
 *  Informed Research Design

Decision Making

 *  Establish Benchmarks
 *  Working with Thresholds
 *  Feeding into Decision Making

CPR DATA Related Courses

This course covers how our CPR training products produce data. They aim to provide you with in depth knowledge of the functionality of the products and the data that they produce so that you will be able to fully access and use the rich data that is produced and generate meaningful reports for your needs from all activities performed on SmartMan manikins.

They include:
* How the data is related to real world decision making.

The focus of these types of courses is on the data; how to produce it; how to understand what is produced; how to verify results along the way; how to use the data to make decisions; how to display that information so it is easy to understand.

eSERT DATA Related Courses

eSERT: Setup and Structure. In order to be able to create a system to collect and analyses information, you need to understand the types of data create and sent to the cloud in SmartMan. You also need to know what types of questions you wish the data to answer. Before you can have a solution to these things,it is often useful to input from people who have done it before. SmartMan has experts with this experience.

eSERT: Special Customizations: When you first begin with eSERT, the setup fee includes the first two years of creating the structure and setting everything up so that it works for you. As time goes on, you may wish to alter some of the automated reporting structures, or modify the way information is displayed. We can do this for you.

Another service related to eSERT is when you produce quarterly or annual reports. eSERT is an excellent way to show Return on Investment (ROI) in you institution. If you are pressed for time and wish us to create the final report with thorough analysis and graphs, we offer this as a service.


The eSERT System