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Megacode Products Overview

High Fidelity Manikin

 *  Advanced Airway placement with Feedback
 *  DTFIS Negative-Positive Airway
 *  Intubate on the Fly when the Chest is Moving

Objective Accurate Feedback

 *  Quality and Timing in Real Time
 *  Improve Communication

 *  Objective Evidence Based Debriefing

SmartMan Megacode Feedback System

SmartMan Megacode is a scientific instrument. It can be ordered as a torso or a full body manikin. It has a high fidelity airway which will allow practice with many para-laryngeal and laryngeal devices. It has advanced physical features which are important to practicing particular actions which other manikins in this class lack.

It is excellent for practicing skills which require more than one person to coordinate their actions with clinical levity provides a high degree of accuracy, provides for data analysis and research purpose. SmartMan was developed to measure all parameters relating to CPR performance. Its robust manikin paired with highest sensor fidelity is designed give you true accurate feedback, from compressions to ventilations, in order to bring CPR skills to the highest level. Other say they measure and provide air flow and rate, but in fact have never measured air flow or rate of airflow, which is vital to providing ventilations.

Deliver a Shock Our system allows for you to utilize your own defibrillator monitor. If you require a way to generate heart rhythms on your defibrillator/monitor, we can provide this. Our rhythm generator is suitable for 12 lead EKC and for generating rhythms through the electrode pads. This allows you to see the rhythm on your defibrillator/monitor either from the EKG leads and from the electrode pad, interpret the rhythm and in either manual or automatic mode, charge your device and deliver the shock. We support a large range of defibrillator , so please inquire.

If you wish to practice your code with you defibrillator/monitor and you wish to use paddles, we have a solution for this as well. Please inquire.

Two Megacode Systems designed to meet your needs. Megacode Pro and Megacode Ultra. Both manikins have the same look and feature the life-like positive and negative air flow in the airway.

Megacode Pro Training System

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Megacode Ultra Training System

Ultra goes beyond what is traditionally taught in a Megacode Re-certification class. This product 'fills in the gaps" where other products miss to teach you the details of how things need to be done. The cornerstone of this system is the accurate analysis of the patient crucial times around the shock phase of the code. We call this the Peri-Shock Graph. This gives provides you with a Quick-View Graph so that you have objective accurate information during the debriefing

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