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Services Overview


 *  Help From People Who Know Our Products
 *  We Have Experience Helping Others
 *  Available At A Distance


 *  Designed to Solve Your Problems
 *  See Results Quickly
 *  Be Confident it is Correct

Services Overview

Our SmartMan Services provide a practical solution to a problem you wish to solve or a project you wish to undertake. These services are provided in response to our clients asking us to help them. They may wish to have input on designing a program which establish benchmarks or some places prefer that their yearly report is done by SmartMan rather than in-house. In either case we have the expertise to help you achieve your goals.


If you want to design a system to collect your training performance data and then be able to display the results, we can help. Perhaps you are looking to see how a class is doing or perhaps you want a summary at the end of the year. No matter what you would like to see, our experts understand the data that is produced by SmartMan. They can save you time by explaining the best way to achieve your goals.


eSERT is a flexible data collection tool that saves you time and displays your training information is an easy to understand format. The initial setup is created for your organization and the normal categories and customizations are included for the first two years. eSERT is especially useful and time-saving when you put together (amalgamate) data from various different manikins. They can be within the same room, or separated by hundreds of miles. eSERT does most of the hard work collecting, amalgamating, and cleaning your data from your many sites. Then form the cloud it puts that data into a convenient dashboard. Once you have experience with eSERT, you may have special questions which you would like displayed by your data. Or perhaps you want to create a comparison year end report. Our data experts can design the dashboard and displays so that it is easily understandable to you.

Data Services


 *  In-depth Understanding of the Data Produced
 *  How to Design a Research Report for Your Data


 *  Correct Analysis
 *  Statistical Processing
 *  Report Writing

Data Services


eSERT (Cloud) Services

Assembles & Cleans Data

 *  No Limit on Number of Results or Number of Manikins
 *  Cleaned, Sorted, Displayed in Graphs
 *  Available From Anywhere There is Internet


 *  Built for You
 *  Quick-View Graphs of What You Want
 *  Drill Down for More Information
 *  Filter and Make Reports

eSERT Service

eSERT is a SERVICE provided by SmartMan. We build the data structure, clean it up, and design the dashboard to your specification and display performance trends and results.

This is a Data Analysis program. It saves you time and gives you consistent analysis of results. This Service does a lot of the hard work for you and is especially time and effort saving when you have data coming in from different sources. It brings together data from any number of different sources which produce SmartMan data. In the cloud, it cleans, sorts, and amalgamates the data so that it is easy to use.

We then create simple to view graphs of the data which you specify. Our aim is to give you an understanding of what is in your data with a quick at-a-glance report. Of course we also give you in-depth drill down capability.

eSERT: Setup and Structure. In order to be able to create a system to collect and analyses information, you need to understand the types of data create and sent to the cloud in SmartMan. You also need to know what types of questions you wish the data to answer. Before you can have a solution to these things, it is often useful to input from people who have done it before. SmartMan has experts with this experience.

eSERT: Special Customizations: When you first begin with eSERT, the setup fee includes the first two years of creating the structure and setting everything up so that it works for you. As time goes on, you may wish to alter some of the automated reporting structures, or modify the way information is displayed. We can do this for you.

An example of how our eSERT service is used is during a quarterly or annual reports. eSERT is an excellent way to show Return on Investment (ROI) in you institution. If you are pressed for time and wish us to create the final report with thorough analysis and graphs, we offer this as a service.


The eSERT Service

This Service is sold as an initial product where the initial setup, data collection, customizing and quick view graphs are included in the price for the first two years. We want you to know how great the service is before you commit further. Once it has proven its value, then we can discuss the ongoing costs.