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    Realistic Air Flow + QCI

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    Life-Like Air Flow

  • SMS301

    Advanced Feedback + QCI

  • Hygiene System

    Easy to Clean

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    Hygiene System
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SmartMan Basic Life Support



For the professional, this adds advanced skills training features to the BLS CPR product. It includes a metronome, advanced simulations, control of the performance cycle, and, special activities. For the trainer there is a simple class print with names and scores.

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Includes all advanced skills training features and helps you quickly see all advanced skills training features as well as Quality Control Software designed to give you access to performance data. Quickly display trends, filter results and export to Excel. More on PRO+

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SUMMARY Description of BLS Products

This is a high quality BLS manikin which simulates a human torso with all key characteristics required for high quality CPR training. It is easy to adjust the chest resistance, has an easy to clean hygiene system for mouth to mouth and a hand operated bulb to simulate a pulse. The software is plug and play with free updates, no user fees and no requirement to register. Internet is not required and there are no batteries. SmartMan features state of the art feedback with visual color feedback for chest depth, rate and recoil of the chest, as well as too deep and hitting the bottom. Ventilations use the same easy to understand colors for volume, rate and interval. You always receive a score on your performance and Feedback can be turned on and off with the click of a single button. Select which product you wish by choosing the feature list that is most appropriate.

Hygiene System Hygiene System SmartMan BLS manikins are designed so that mouth-to-mouth can be performed in a clean safe environment. It uses the Ambu patented hygiene system. This makes use of a detachable face which can be easily cleaned and contains a bag in the head which captures the air. Simply throw out the bag and put in another bag to for the next user. No internal cleaning of the manikin is required.

Low Volume (LV) Option: This manikin can be ordered with the ability to perform low volume ventilations as the chest is moving. This protocol is often used with ROC, CAM, CAMP, ART, PitCrew. It provides for exception fidelity with provision of dead air space, negative pressure in the lungs as the compression is released, measurement on very small amounts of air and real time feedback on the interaction between the chest compression and the ventilation. The BLS training systems come in 3 versions for normal volume and 2 versions with added low volume protocol. The LV option allows training in normal volume as well. It is only available in the Pro and Pro+ versions: BLS CPR Pro(LV), BLS CPR PRO+(LV). More on BLS Low Volume Pro | BLS Low Volume Pro+

More BLS Features: Jaw Thrust (pdf); Jaw Thrust (video) *Jaw thrust not available in BLS LV Products


This product provides for Advanced Training features in addition to the features of the basic product. For example, it adds the ability to turn on a Metronome and to turn the visual color Feedback On or OFF with a single click. The trainer can pause during the training to correct or make a point, then click continue. The Restart button makes it easy for students to work the system themselves and to have all students in the class have hands-on time. The trainer can add a comment to a particular file at any time.

The BLS PRO version also has a special Trainer Tools section. This allows the trainer to convert a name list directly into student logins and you can put them into classes. The trainer has full access to all student records when not connected to the manikin. There is a feature to quickly make a class list with names, results and dates.

See the brochure for a more detailed description of features.


The SmartMan Feedback System