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Current Guidelines are 2015

Previous Guidelines 2010 and 2005

For products designed for Guidelines before 2015, SmartMan is able to help you continue to use these products. These products no longer support the latest physical requirements for performance of skills required under the current guidelines.

Software Updates are FREE: The physical Manikins Training Systems which you have MUST use the version of the software that it was created to use. You cannot simply use the current software on a manikin system designed for 2005 guidelines. To update your software to the latest version supported by your hardware, start your system, connect to the internet and click on the Update Button.

Hardware Upgrades: We will assess the condition of your manikin and provide you with a quotation for the cost of the work. This requires physical changes and must be returned to Fontana California for assessment.

Upgrade: We can examine your product to assess its condition and determine whether it can be upgraded to the latest Guidelines or or not.

Repair, Re-installation, Re-Calibration: Contact us for information. Please provide us with the number on the side of the popup panel and the approximate year your unit was purchased.

Trade-in: We can provide you with a credit towards purchase of a new manikin that meets the current guidelines.

Key Code: If you are operating a unit from 2005 and require a key code upgrade, please contact us.


For any questions regarding Manikin Training Systems please contact us , (info@smartman.biz). info@smartman.biz.