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eSERT Starter, eSERT Power, eSERT MAx

eSERT - Is Your Training Making a Difference?

Focus On Data

 *  You Concentrate on the Meaning in Your Data
 *  eSERT Collects, Cleans and Verifies Your Data
 *  Graph Already Created For You
 *  Customized With Your Agency Names

Decision Making

 *  Graph Trends Over Time
 *  Objective Analysis to Feed into ROI

 *  Chart Retention Levels
 *  Identify Areas Needing Improvement

Enhanced System for Emergency Response Training

See eSERT General brochure for a more detailed description of features.

Download the eSERT Starter brochure or eSERT Power Brochure or the eSERT MAX Brochure.

Contact us for more details - "Info@Smartman.biz"


eSERT is the SmartMan Data Service. It works with all of your SmartMan Training Systems. ESERT performs the difficult, time consuming tasks so that you do not need to hire and train specialists. This system collects and amalgamates the results data for the activities your students have produced. It cleans and verifies the data.

You save the time and money of having someone learn about the data and then having to create graphs and tables to best display your data. SmartMan experts create the Graphs and Tables for you to examine. You simply login anytime from anywhere and look for the meaning in your training Data.

eSERT utilizes structured big data analysis to identify more efficient ways to improve performance and increase survival rates of patients in better outcomes in a system. SmartMan training systems lead the world in accuracy, completeness of parameters, and in making all data accessible for evaluation.

This makes it easy to analyze results from large numbers of people at different locations. It allows customizing of graphs, tables, and charts and neatly organizes it to better answer your questions and save you time when looking at your data.

eSERT brings the POWER of SmartMan's high performance ACCURACY into focus. Quickly print the graphs as pdf's or export them to include in larger reports. It is a system that has truly scientific standards so it can inform your decision making.

Cloud Based - Powerful Reports

eSERT is Data Service. It has an analytic system to collect and clean the data. It also uses a cloud based application that brings the power of big data to inform your decision making by putting accurate information about skills performance at your fingertips. Graphs and tables makes it easy to focus on the meaning in your data. It only takes a few minutes to understand what is happening within your system. It is easy to export a whole report in pdf or you can copy a graph or table to put into an existing report.

Administrative Use

This is administrative reporting made easy. Add additional sites at any time and easily integrate into your e-siting system. Starter limits to 750 performance results or up to 3 mankins connected. It easily manages changes of personnel such as transfers, adding new employees, and when people go on leave. eSERT does the hard data related work for you, collecting data from multiple sites and cleaning the data so it is relevant to your needs. It can keep track of who is up to date on their training and print a list of those that needs to be trained.


The SmartMan eSERT System



eSERT - Starter, Power, and Max

Focus On Your Data

 *  3 Levels To Choose From
 *  Scale Up As You Need More
 *  Cloud Based so Access From Anywhere
 *  Quick To Incorporate Into Reports

Decision Making

 *  Objective Verifiable Benchmarks
 *  Chart Retention Levels
 *  Graph Trends Over Time
 *  Objective Analysis to Feed into ROI

eSERT Starter, Power, or Max

Download the eSERT Starter brochure or eSERT Power Brochure or the eSERT MAX Brochure.

Contact us for more details - "Info@Smartman.biz"

eSERT Products

No Matter which level of eSERT you start with you always have FULL FUNCTIONALITY. You can add manikin training systems anytime and the manikins can be located anywhere. You can mix and match results from different types of manikins. For example, eSERT can easily accept results performed on BLS and ALS or Megacode manikins. It will even accept results from RSIM and Baby and Neonate products.

This system is fully scalable. As you expand your use of SmartMan or you want to do more analysis, you can migrate to the next level. You have total flexibility.

eSERT is already in use in several countries so it has already learned to sort out real world problems. For example, people often use a slight different spelling for their name and internet connections can drop or not be permitted in certain locations. The SmartMan eSERT Console sorts out these headaches for you.

eSERT Starter is great value as it can be bundled with your purchase of a SmartMan system. These are call our Pro+e Series of products. For a very low cost, you get all of the features of the full eSERT. You get the full training and setup, the eSERT Console to do the cleaning, sorting and verifying of the data, and you get the graphic displays. eSERT Starter Brochure Here.

eSERT Power is already included with in all RSIM products. You are up and running from day one. Just wait for the activities to be performed, then when you login you can view how everyone is doing. eSERT Power Brochure Here.

eSERT Max is our Most Comprehensive eSERT Package. It is designed for the systems that have or will expand to many SmartMan training systems. Manikins can be widely dispersed. It has the power to amalgamate data from anywhere and still make sure it is accurate and put together in the correct way so that it is included in the data displays. For example, they might be across a large city or even country wide. eSERT Max can even link data across countries. Of course this is subject to the proper data use documents being executed within the jurisdictions. eSERT Max Brochure Here.

For more information on eSERT, download the eSERT General Brochure.