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SmartMan SIM for SCA

SUMMARY Description of SIM for SCA

SIM1 for SCA is a full body manikin with high fidelity airway. It is specifically designed to improve skills quality and team cooperation for responding to a sudden cardiac arrest. It includes a tablet which can be used to control of Critical Events and Heart Rhythms which would be displayed during and SCA. It includes the Simulation for the health status of the patient which responds to the quality of the skills performed. It also includes a real time simulation for fraction (hands-off time) which relates to cerebral perfusion. The software offers ultimate flexibility to the trainer. You can decide to intubate or not; you can pause during the training to explain points and then unpause to continue on; it will record for up to 20 minutes; add notes about a particular training session, create a report, send results to an email address.

SKILLS and TEAM WORK: It is a state of the Art CPR manikin and comes with the award winning SmartMan real time feedback system. This visual color feedback has been directly linked to improved survival and long retention rates for skills performance. The skills reporting feeds directly into the Critical Event Log and the After Action Debriefing Report.

DEBRIEFING: SIM1 for SCA brings a new level of information to team work. With the real time simulations you have and instant visual representation of how well the team is performing. The report provides for a quick At-A-Glance view of how well the skills were performed. It also includes a detailed break down of skills performance by stage of the code.

Note: This product requires a PC Computer.

NO EXTRA FEES: Free updates, plug and play, put it onto as many PC's as you wish, no user fees, use with unlimited number of people

Included In Package: Full body Manikin, Carry bag/mat, USB Cable, Face Mask, Clean Kit, Tablet, Router, Software, Free Updates

Optional Extras for SIM for SCA Systems: IV Arm, Wheeled Storage/Travel Bag, Extended Warranty, 11.6” or 15.6” Laptop Computer with Setup; Low Volume Protocol.

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