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SmartMan for Tasks & Teams - RSIM1

SUMMARY Description of RSIM1

RSIM1 combines the highest quality training and simulations available for both training for a vairety of tasks and for improving team dynamics.

It is a full body manikin with high fidelity airway for practicing intubation, has an I.O. Leg, IV Arm, Rhythm Generator, Advanced Simulations which track the relationship of performance to the condition of the patient, Advanced Data Analysis, Export Data and Display capability. It is the SmartMan flagship product. It combines the features of the RSIMTASKS Trainer and the RSTEAM Trainer so that you get both great products in a single package.

SKILLS and TEAM WORK It is a state of the Art full body manikin created with proprietary sensors in order to bring high fidelity feedback to users. This system comes with the award winning SmartMan real time feedback system. This visual color feedback has been directly linked to improved survival and long retention rates for skills performance. See more information on the Resuscitation Tasks Trainer here. See more information on the Resuscitation Team Trainer here.

SMART DEBRIEFING It brings a new level of reporting to Team Training. With its focus on the Patient, it's new SmartManAI will analyze the part of your code which can be improved to most influence the condition of the patient. Details are displayed in easy to understand graphs and are provided in pdf format so they can be easily saved, printed or emailed.

Note: This product requires a PC Computer.

NO EXTRA FEES: Free updates, plug and play, put it onto as many PC's as you wish, no user fees, use with unlimited number of people. NOTE. eSERT is a cloud application and is offered on a subscription basis.

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