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Low Volume

Key Features

   1) Real-Time Feedback for Interaction of Chest Compressions and Ventilations
   2) Timing of Ventilations in Relation to Compressions
   3) Reduced Interruptions to Time on Chest

SmartMan, the Only Manikin

SmartMan is the ONLY training system to support this protocol.
Hardware modifications and upgrades are required to achieve responsive lung fittings with reverse pressure lungs and sensitive low air volume sensor.

What is Low Volume?

Research indicates that the two most important aspects relating to survival of SCA are the quality of chest compressions minimal interruptions to time on chest. Low volume is a new protocol that incorporates these two aspect. Several systems, such as CAMS, ART, PitCrew, ROC, etc. has implemented this protocol with slight differences. Low volume is a 10:1 protocol that requires continuous chest compressions with a short small puff of ventilation every 6 seconds without interrupting the compressions. Ventilation timing is critical for incorrect timing means ventilation is being provided during chest compression, which likely forces air into the stomach or create high air pressure that limit forward blood flow. Successful ventilation starts when the chest compression has reached its maximum depth and is released. The protocol requires high quality chest compressions and ventilations, and precision team coordination in order to acheive high results.

Download the Brochure on Low Volume Protocol