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  • AWL301

    Interactive LV + QCI

  • AWL201

    LV Protocol

  • AW301

    Life-Like + QCI

  • AW201

    Life-Like Air Movement

  • AW101

    Interactive Air Movement

SmartMan Advanced Life Support

Includes BLS with interaction of air movement created by chest compressions and ventilations

Delta Tidal Flow Interaction System is a proprietary V4EMS technology. It is only found on advanced SmartMan CPR Training systems. This technology provides accurate measurement, excellent physical feel and real time digital display of the movement of air in and out of the lungs during performance of CPR.


No matter how you integrate the practice of using your Defibrillator (AED or Monitor) with your training, SmartMan training systems can be used with them. We strongly recommend using the equipment you would normally use. That way you have the best skills training on SmartMan and you are using equipment you are familiar with.

If you are using your own monitor/defibrillator you will need a rhythm generator. If you already have one, you can still use that or we can supply one for you. If you wish to use conductive posts and training cables, we have a solution for that as well. No matter how you decide to proceed we can provide a solution for you. See more here.


This includes everything in ALS CPR and it includes the Intubation SIM. This provides accurate measurement and feedback on how quickly and accurately the intubation was complete. It also provides real time feedback as the chest compressions and the ventilations working together. you are able to move from BSL CPR to intubation on the fly.

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This is our highest level professional ALS training system. It includes a full PC computer. It also has special activities to improve rescue breaths and the breaths in CPR. This package provides archiving of results to the cloud as well as a full management program to quickly examine trends across a large number of results. More on PRO+

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SUMMARY Description of ALS Products

This manikin provides a high fidelity airway for practicing establishing an advanced airway during CPR. It requires head tilt-chin lift and has visible vocal cords. It will provide feedback on the intubation process itself and it is designed to provide feedback when intubating during ongoing Chest compressions. This manikin has a unique physical build so that the interaction of the chest compressions and the ventilations can be felt when practicing and there is real time feedback on the interaction. It also provides for excellent BLS training (chest compressions, ventilations and CPR). The software is plug and play with free updates, no user fees and no requirement to register. Internet is not required and there are no batteries. SmartMan features state of the art feedback with visual color feedback for chest depth, rate and recoil of the chest, as well as too deep and hitting the bottom. Ventilations use the same easy to understand colors for volume, rate and interval. You always receive a score on your performance and Feedback can be turned on and off with the click of a single button. Select which product you wish by choosing the feature list that is most appropriate.

Low Volume (LV) Option: This manikin can be ordered with the ability to perform low volume ventilations as the chest is moving. This protocol is often used with ROC, CAM, CAMP, ART, PitCrew. It provides for exception fidelity with provision of dead air space, negative pressure in the lungs as the compression is released, measurement on very small amounts of air and real time feedback on the interaction between the chest compression and the ventilation. The ALS training systems come in 3 versions for normal volume and 2 versions with added low volume protocol. The LV option allows training in normal volume as well. It is only available in the Pro and Pro+ versions: ALS Airway CPR Pro(LV), ALS Airway CPR PRO+(LV). More on Low Volume

More ALS Features: Video (mp4) Intubation Tutor | Low Volume Protocol Brochure

EG ALS – High Fidelity Airway intubation and para laryngeal devices; Intubation SIM, Interaction of compressions and ventilations; support for low volume CPR protocol

Optional Extras For the ALS Systems: IV arm, arms and legs, wheeled storage/travel bag, 2nd and 3rd year warranty, 11.6” laptop computer with setup; 15.6” laptop computer with setup; low volume protocol.


This product provides for Advanced Training features in addition to the features of the basic product. For example, it adds the ability to turn on a Metronome and to turn the visual color Feedback On or OFF with a single click. The trainer can pause during the training to correct or make a point, then click continue. The Restart button makes it easy for students to work teh system themselves and to have all students in the class have hands-on time. The trainer can add a comment to a particular file at any time.

The ALS PRO version also has a special Trainer Tools section. This allows the trainer to convert a name list directly into student logins and you can put them into classes. The trainer has full access to all student records when not connected to the manikin. There is a feature to quickly make a class list with names, results and dates.

See the brochure for a more detailed description of features.


The SmartMan Feedback System