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Megacode LV Pro and Megacode LV Pro+e

Megacode LV Pro

High Fidelity Manikin

Advanced Airway placement with Feedback
DTFIS Negative-Positive Airway
Intubate on the Fly when the Chest is Moving

Objective Accurate Feedback

Quality and Timing in Real Time
Improve Communication
Objective Evidence Based Debriefing

See Megacode LV Pro Brochure for a more detailed description of features.

Contact us for more details - "Info@Smartman.biz"

Megacode LV Pro

High fidelity airway in either torso or full body manikin. Advanced sensors to give you accurate feedback on skills performance as the code is ongoing. Also provides you with Skills Performance Analysis and After Action Report for debriefing. It will bring better practice to your re-certification classes.

Delta Tidal Flow Interaction System is a proprietary V4EMS technology. It is only found on advanced SmartMan CPR Training systems. This technology provides accurate measurement, excellent physical feel and real time digital display of the movement of air in and out of the lungs during performance of CPR.

DELIVER A SHOCK No matter how you integrate the practice of using your Defibrillator (AED or Monitor) with your Megacode training, SmartMan training systems can be integrated. We strongly recommend using the AED or defibrillator monitor you would normally use, together with SmartMan Megacode. SmartMan will be able to give you objective evidence of where the code can be improved to the benefit of the patient.

If you are using your own defibrillator/monitor you will need a rhythm generator. If you already have one, you can still use that or we can supply one for you (please inquire about compatibility). If you wish to use conductive posts and training cables, we have a solution for that as well. No matter how you decide to proceed we can provide a solution for you. We have a special product which integrates the ability to shock (SKU: MGLVSH201) but depending on how you integrate your equipment, you will be able to do most things on all SmartMan units. For more information on the product Megacode Shockable manikin, click here.

LOW VOLUME is NOW STANDARD!!! in all Megacode Products. This requires a special physical build of the manikin, which provides superior ventilations control and is especially important for CPR when the patient is intubated, for various conditions such as dealing with Acute Respiratory distress, and for performing the Low Volume Protocol (often referred to as High Density Training, ROC, CAM, CAMP, ART, PitCrew and by other names).

The key to the LV (High Density) is that it maximizes time on the chest (best fraction possible). To perform it correctly one person performs high quality continuous chest compressions, another person delivers an interspersed small puff of air on the release of the chest about every 6 seconds or every 10th compressions. SmartMan is the only manikin system to provide accurate pressures and volumes for this manoeuver. Download More information on Low Volume (LV) High Density here.

BETTER DEBRIEFING SmartMan's colorful quality feedback are a perfect way for everyone to see whether the skills were up to standard. A single click produces a pdf of the whole performance so you know what occurred and when. SmartMan Megacode brings objective accurate data to your mock code sessions.

Practicing Codes

Megacode products allow you to concentrate on specific multi-person skills. It has a unique button to "Pause" the code. This is a great way to make a teaching point as a specific event occurs. You have the flexibility to simply run the mock code and look at the feedback afterwards or you can see it as skills are performed. If in real time you can see how the quality of actions influence the status for the patient. Either during or after the session you can see a graph of how student actions oxygenated the brain.

Better Skills

An advanced training product which allows you to practice BLS and ALS skills. On the other hand you can put a response together and use it to teach how the quality of skills must be maintained as the team is going about all of the actions that are required. The Critical Events such as establishing an IV, or which drugs were given and when, hearth rhythms and the actions taken around that time are included. Simply click on the "Print" button to produce a pdf report of the Event Log and the quality of skills performed.


The SmartMan Feedback System


Megacode LV Pro+e - with eSERT Starter

Focus On Data

 *  Objective Verifiable Benchmarks
 *  Establish Realistic Thresholds of Performance
 *  Chart Retention Levels
 *  Identify Areas Needing Improvement

Decision Making

 *  Graph Numbers and Performance Levels
 *  Show Maintenance of Standards
 *  Graph Trends Over Time
 *  Objective Analysis to Feed into ROI

See Megacode Pro+e Brochure for a more detailed description of features.

Contact us for more details - "Info@Smartman.biz"

Megacode LV PRO+e

This product adds the eSERT Starter Data Service to your Megacode Systems. eSERT is the SmartMan Cloud based Data System that does all of the hard work related to your Data for you, so you can focus on the meaning. The system collects and amalgamates the results data for the activities your students have produced. It cleans and verifies the data. SmartMan experts then create the Graphs and Tables for you to examine, export, and include within your reports. You simply login and look for the results to your training Data.

It includes eSERT Starter which provides you with the full functionality of our eSERT system. See below for further details and check out the brochure for more information.

eSERT brings the Robustness of SmartMan's high performance ACCURATE data into focus. Quickly print the graphs as pdf's and/or export them to include in other reports. It is a system that incorporates truly scientific standards so it can best inform your decision making.

The SmartMan eSERT System