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  • MGL301

    LV + QCI

  • MGL201

    Low Volume Accuracy

  • MG301

    Roles with Skills Debriefing

  • MG201

    Life-Like Response

  • MG101

    Roles and Skills Feedback

SmartMan Megacode Training

Delta Tidal Flow Interaction System is a proprietary V4EMS technology. It is only found on advanced SmartMan CPR Training systems. This technology provides accurate measurement, excellent physical feel and real time digital display of the movement of air in and out of the lungs during performance of CPR.


No matter how you integrate the practice of using your Defibrillator (AED or Monitor) with your Megacode training, SmartMan training systems can be used with them. We strongly recommend using the AED or monitor you would normally use, together with SmartMan Megacode. SmartMan will be able to give you objective evidence of where the code can be improved to the benefit of the patient.

If you are using your own monitor/defibrillator you will need a rhythm generator. If you already have one, you can still use that or we can supply one for you. If you wish to use conductive posts and training cables, we have a solution for that as well. No matter how you decide to proceed we can provide a solution for you. We have a special product which integrates the ability to shock (SKU: MGLV201SH) but depending on how you integrate your equipment, you will be able to do most things on all SmartMan units. For more information on the product specific SKU, click here.



This advanced training product provides simulation which responds to the quality of CPR performed. The detailed debriefing report is aimed at specific skills to improve survival outcomes. Includes at-a-glance view of skills quality, fraction during the code, break down by code stage. The arms and legs and an IV arm can be added.

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This product allows you to examine and keep track of how well response teams are doing. It gives you easy access to multiple results, archiving, and filtering your data. You can also export the data to Excel. You can quickly see the change in team performance over time and see the results of different teams. More on PRO+

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SUMMARY Description of Megacode Products

Low Volume (LV) Option: This manikin can be ordered with the ability to perform low volume ventilations as the chest is moving. This protocol is often used with ROC, CAM, CAMP, ART, PitCrew. It provides for exception fidelity with provision of dead air space, negative pressure in the lungs as the compression is released, measurement on very small amounts of air and real time feedback on the interaction between the chest compression and the ventilation. The Megacode training systems come in 3 versions for normal volume and 2 versions with added low volume protocol. The LV option allows training in normal volume as well. It is only available in the Pro and Pro+ versions: Megacode Pro(LV), Megacode PRO+(LV). More on Low Volume

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