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User Information (Guidelines 2020)

Select one of the following links to learn more about your new product. These pages cover all of the following products listed below. All of the products have the same look and feel. The interface makes use of buttons to turn features on and off, logins can be made without access to the internet and the trainer has access to the program without connecting to the manikin.

SmartMan Neonate    |    SMI N201 Neonate Pro    |    SMI N301 Neonate Pro+e    |   
SmartMan Baby    |    SMI B201 Baby Pro    |    SMI B301 Baby Pro+e    |   
SmartMan BLS Products    |    SMS SM201 BLS CPR Pro    |    SMS SM301 BLS CPR Pro+e    |   
SmartMan ALS Low Volume Products    |    SMA AWLV201 ALS Airway LV CPR Pro    |    SMA AWLV301 ALS Airway LV CPR Pro+e    |   
SmartMan Megacode Low Volume Products    |    SMG MGLV201 Megacode LV Pro    |    SMG MGLV301 Megacode LV Pro+e    |   
SmartMan Resuscitation Simulators    |    RS RSIM1    |    RS RSIM1+    |    RS RSim1+MC    |    RS RSIM ARDS    |   

If you have a question or wish to make a suggestion, please contact us. If you purchase AR or an Infant CPR product click on the link below.

If you have product purchased before 1 January 2015 go Here.