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Using SmartMan - For Trainers

SmartMan is designed to help the trainer improve CPR performance. It has buttons within the activities section to help students who are having difficulty. With a single click of a button you can turn teaching aids on and off. You can even pause an activity or a megacode in order to highlight points or to correct performance.

The trainer is able to work with the computer WITHOUT the manikin. This makes it easier to prepare for class or to examine results and produce summary reports once training has been completed. Below are a few of the main features designed to help the trainer. Click on a link below to go directly to that section.






Buttons For Trainers

You do not have to be connected to the manikin in order to access SmartMan tools. You can create logins, examine previous results, export all results, and print files without having the manikin connected. This means you can take the computer to your office or home in order to prepare for class and/or examine results of a particular training sessions.

Previous Results button: This is available from the Login Menu. It will display the results for the current user. Click on a user and then click on the previous Results Button. Then select which skill and select the particular results you wish to display.

ALL Results Button: This is available form the Login Menu. When you click on this button, all of the results on the this computer will be displayed in a window. Select the results which you want to look at. Buttons are available to select the skill and the date range. You can then Export these selected results.

Trainer Tools Button: To access the Trainer Menu, you must first login: You can login to your own user, you can login with practice sessions or if you now the password you can login to any user on the computer. Once you are logged in, you have access to the Trainer Menu. From the Main Menu, the Trainer Menu Button is on right hand side. Click on it to be given a range of Trainer Tools.


This section contains information that will help you during the class. For example there is a half page to explain the colors in the feedback area. Or you might need something to tell students how to do an activity. If you have something that you will like put into a printout, please contact us and we will produce it and put it up for others to use...