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RSIM  Resuscitation Simulation Overview

World's Best Practice

 *  4 Products - RSIM1, RSIM1+, RSIM1+MC, RSIMARDS
 *  Newest Sophisticated High Fidelity Hardware
 *  Robust Systems Made for Continual Hard Usage
 *  More Feedback on More Techniques

Practical Techniques

 *  Includes Techniques Used by the Best
 *  Easy to Understand Graphics in Real Time Displays
 *  Techniques For Transitioning Effectively
 *  Leading Edge Evidence Based Debriefing

For more details on the RSIM Series: RSIM1 Brochure | RSIM1+ Brochure | RSIM1+MC Brochure
For more details on the RSIM ARDS Specialist Product: RSIM ARDS Brochure
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RSIM Products

These systems all include a high fidelity full body manikin and advanced teaching software designed to provide Best Practice Training.

Best Practice specifically refers to learning how to execute at a skill level and as a team and within real time constraints, so that the condition of the patient is optimized for the best outcome.

These simulators are sophisticated yet built to be tough enough withstand heavy use for repeated training and for being moved around. They auto-calibrate to remain accurate and provide high fidelity feedback.

All RSIM Simulators Give You


The RSIM Series (RSIM1, RSIM1+, RSIM1+MC)

More Feedback

SmartMan's sensors collect and report on more information on more parameters than other manikins. For example it reports on the degree of non-release of the chest. It is thus sensitive to learning or jabbing on the chest. It reports of the interval between rescue breaths and reports on whether the BVM was released correctly. This extra fidelity helps the professional develop a more accurate feel and provides the details necessary to examine interactive effects as other skills are being performed at the same time.

Physical and Digital

Where it is an important part of learning, SmartMan systems are designed to give you both a more realistic feel when perform a skill as well as an accurate digital analysis. For example on using a BVM you feel natural resistance increase as you push in more air. The physical force required to compress the chest increases the further you go and the resistance can be quickly and easily changed from outside of the manikin. When air is pushed out of the lungs by a chest compression, you experience the force of the air being expelled on the BVM, exactly as in a real patient.

Individual Skills

While RSIM products are specialist products for professionals, all RSIM Products also include refresher activities for all basic skills. They can be used for BLS and ALS skills and provide full color feedback, accurate records and the ability to print reports. Also includes refresher activities for basic ventilating technique with a BVM and Rescue Breathing and how to correctly establish an advanced airway device..

Working With Others

In many situations, several people respond to the medical event. These products recognize that it takes practice to learn how to hand-off actions and how to prepare for the next actions in a timely and efficient manner. Just as in skills training where real time feedback improves performance, SmartMan takes the same approach with team cooperation. So you receive objective feedback on how well the team cooperation worked.

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For more details on the RSIM Series: RSIM1 Brochure | RSIM1+ Brochure | RSIM1+MC Brochure

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RSIM ARDS Specialist for Ventilation

Based on recommendations from the World Health Organization, Center for Disease Control, and front line physicians in the COVID-19 fight. It brings you the hands-on training you need.

This product has the high level feedback and new activities recommended by these people in the field.

Response to Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome can require faster placement and skills performed with great finesse than during normal times. This product teaches how to intubate in full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE); How to work with others you may never have met; includes refreshers in how to correctly use the bag-mask valve and establish an endotracheal tube.

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For more details on the RSIM ARDS Specialist Product: RSIM ARDS Brochure

Contact us for more details - "Info@Smartman.biz"