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3 SmartMan Resuscitation Simulators (RSim)


SmartMan brings high fidelity hardware with advanced sensors together with easy to use software. The simulators have an excellent look and feel and provide instant response on how performance is changing the patient condition. You see how performance is influencing cerebral perfusion and have an ongoing view of the patient's health status. These simulators focus on life-like interactions for clinical skills and procedures that need to be performed by the largest number of people, so they do not include the expensive features that are used by only a few specialists. This allows us to bring them to you at great value.

Tough & Durable

This range of simulators is designed to be the workhorse of your simulation center. These systems are built to be able to withstand heavy use for repeated chest compression training and for being moved around. They will remain accurate and provide high fidelity feedback as skills are performed.

Patient Focused

These system allow you to integrate skills performance within the overall team effort. This greatly improves the reality of your training scenarios as the real time is running. The skills, performance, decisions, interruptions and actions are all related in real time to the condition they have on the patient. The After Action Report provides objective evidence based suggestions on how the effort can be improved for the patient.

Validated Metrics

Performance parameters are already built in. Objective metrics are already validated so that you can establish Benchmarks and Performance Thresholds. With SmartMan Simulators, you can build and document outstanding performance achievements. Read more on SmartMan Simulators here.




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