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Airway Management Products Overview

More Than Just a Head

 *  Available as Torso or Full Body
 *  Accurate Volume and Rate of Flow
 *  Excellent Feel and Real-Time Feedback
 *  Life-Like Interaction with Pressures in Thorax

Real Time Feedback

 *  Ventilation Practice with Natural Resistance
 *  'See' Air As It Moves Into Lungs on Ventimeter
 *  Immediate Review of Volume and Rate
 *  DTFIS (Extremely Accurate Air Movement)

Overview - The Crucial Features

All airway products provide a high degree of accuracy with a natural chest resistance. This provides the user with a more life-like experience. Our proprietary sensors created just for air movement measure rate of air movement like not other system. We even have a Ventimeter which displays the air as it moves into and out of the lungs.

For Advanced Airway, there simply is no other system which includes the correct parameters of pressure in the thorax, movement of air into and out of the airway in relation to the thorax. Thus the volumes and rates provide unprecedented accuracy with true to life response. These Advanced Airway systems will even provide the physical feel and noise of suction like bucking the tube, when the positive pressure from the chest is pushing against the air from being delivered or released. This innovation is called the DTFIS System.

Delta Tidal Flow Interaction System is a proprietary V4EMS technology. It is only found on advanced SmartMan CPR Training systems. This technology provides accurate measurement, excellent physical feel and real time digital display of the movement of air in and out of the lungs during performance of CPR.


Assisted Ventilation Trainer

Accuracy For Improved Likeness

 *  Volumes are Accurate and Consistent
 *  Rate of Airflow into the Lungs with Natural Resistance
 *  Display of Air Flow with Tidal Movement
 *  Shows Release or Holding of BVM at Maximum Volume

See Air Flow

 *  Colored Visual Feedback in Real Time
 *  Ventimeter shows Air as it Flows into Lungs
 *  Flow Time (rate) report to 0.01 seconds
 *  Displays Time between ventilations

Assisted Ventilation

BLS Airway. This product provides the highest quality, state of the art training available to practice how to correctly provide a patient with air through use of a Bag Valve Mask (BVM). This is a widely required skill for many conditions from conscious sedation to respiratory distress and is especially important when dealing with COVID-19 patients.

Accurate Rate and Volume. Unlike other system, SmartMan is calibrated for volume accuracy and accuracy for the rate of air flow.

Incredible Feedback. The only system to provide accurate real time feedback on all parameters important to performing this skill. You can see the air flow into the lungs and the exact rate of flow is provided. It will display if you have released the BVM correctly.

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Intubation Trainer

How To ... Advanced Airway

 *  Proprietary Sensors for Air Movement
 *  Identify Proper Landmarks
 *  Correct Head Tilt-Chin Lift
 *  Airflow In and Out as Chest Moves


 *  Real Time Feedback
 *  Verification that Cuff is Holding Air
 *  Overall Score For the Placement
 *  Timed Performance on Still or Moving Chest

High Fidelity. This is a head and torso to create a more realistic training environment. This brings not only a more realistic look to the training environment, but adds several important elements that are important when intubating a real person.

Feedback. This product teaches you how to perform and then become efficient at establishing an advanced airway. It is especially useful to improve quick accurate placing of an ET Tube, but can also be used to train people how to correctly use other para laryngeal devices.

Moving Chest. This product allows you to practice when someone is performing chest compressions. It has the extra features required to bring a heightened reality to this difficult skill. Besides the fact that the manikin will move a bit as the compressions are being performed, the downward movement of the chest will push air out and tend to deflect the tube and tissue. Then it will suck air in on the lungs on release of the chest compression. This constant movement inside of the larynx mimics what happens in a real human during this procedure.

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Advanced Airway for Teams ARDS


 *  Includes BLS Skills
 *  Includes Intubation Trainer
 *  Performance Data Included
 *  DTFIS (Extremely Accurate Air Movement)

Superior Sensors

 *  Proprietary Sensors
 *  Intubate on the Fly
 *  Head Tilt-Chin Lift
 *  Airflow in and out as chest moves
 *  Physical Feel and Digital Feedback

High Standard. This product provides many unique advantages when focusing on correct performance of airway skills. The manikin have a special build with proprietary sensors to give real time feedback on parameters others ignore but which are important on a real patient.

Comprehensive Product. Includes Assisted Ventilations Trainer, Intubation Trainer (Learning How and Advanced Trainer, Intubating with a Group of People, Intubating while CPR is On-going, Providing Ventilations as Chest Compressions are Ongoing. It even includes a basic refresher on chest compressions and a knowledge bank of information related to how and why these techniques are performed."

Unique Physical Build for Superior Training. It provides for excellent look and feel but goes well beyond that. You feel realistic receive physical feel if you are squeezing the BVM when the chest compressions are expelling air. It will produce realistic audible suctioning when the person ventilating is not well timed with the person compressing. You receive both immediate real time feedback and a review of the performance.

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Low Volume (LV) Accuracy: This manikin has the ability to perform low volume ventilations as the chest is moving. This protocol is often used with ROC, CAM, CAMP, ART, PitCrew. It provides for exception fidelity with provision of dead air space, negative pressure in the lungs as the compression is released, measurement on very small amounts of air and real time feedback on the interaction between the chest compression and the ventilation. The ALS training systems come in 2 versions, one for the typical normal volume and the other adds low volume (LV) protocol. The LV option allows training in normal volume as well. ALS is available in ALS Airway CPR Pro(LV) and ALS Airway CPR PRO. More on Low Volume

More on Low Volume / High Density: Video (mp4) Intubation Tutor | Low Volume Protocol Brochure

Team Communication. This is the only product that deals with how to make sure communication is clear and understood when working in restrictive PPE. And it deals with the fact that you may be working with people who speak another language; that the in a large noisy room; that team members may have been trained in a different protocol.

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