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CPR Product Overview


Always with Hardware and Software

Less Ongoing Costs

Free Updates, Unlimited Users Without Fees


Accuracy that sets the standard. Easy to understand visual color feedback. Can be turned off. SmartMan is the company that introduced the idea of a total score.


Results in realistic high quality look and feel.

SmartMan CPR Feedback System

Originally made as a scientific instrument for data analysis and research purpose, SmartMan was developed to measure all parameters relating to CPR performance. Its robust manikin paired with highest sensor fidelity is designed give you true accurate feedback, from compressions to ventilations, in order to bring CPR skills to the highest level. Other say they measure and provide air flow and rate, but in fact have never measured air flow or rate of airflow, which is vital to providing ventilations.

Features: Our system focuses on user login to track individual skillset, from chest compression and ventilation performance to intubation placement (ALS version only). Performances can be exported to excel as soon as practice is done. This quickly moves students through a training class for instructors while providing a high level of audio and visual feedback.


BLS Product Overview

Real Time Feedback

Adjust as you perform. Hone your skill


 *  Suitable for Mouth-to-Mouth Training
 *  Jaw Thrust Feature
 *  CPR Manikin with Accurate Ventilation Feedback
 *  External Adjustment for Different Size Patients

BLS Systems

Accurate Depth, Rate & Recoil with Full Data.
Ventilations Display Volume, Rate and Interval

Special Mouth-to-Mouth

Correct Air Flow Measurement and Display

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ALS Product Overview


 *  Includes BLS Skills As Well
 *  Performance Data Included
 *  Life-Like Interaction
 *  DTFIS (Extremely Accurate Air Movement)


 *  Proprietary Sensors
 *  Intubate on the Fly
 *  Head Tilt-Chin Lift
 *  Airflow in and out as chest moves
 *  Physical Feel and Digital Feedback


Includes BLS Skills with performance data included.
Our life-like airway interaction (DTFIS) mimics accurate air movement in and out of the lung


Proprietary sensors that provide realistic physical feel and give accurate digital feedback.
You can intubate on the fly with accurate head tilt/chin lift.

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PEDS Product Overview

Focus on Ventilations

Easy to Understand Real Time Feedback

Adjust Lung Capacity with a Click

Because there is a huge variation in lung capacities


Various ventilation skills focus for peds or neonate.
Adjustable lung capacity to simulate baby of various size.


Extremely accurate and sensitive volume and rate sensors.
Relevant protocol training and timing.

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SmartMan CPR Training System