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QCI Basics (201 & 101)

SmartMan ALWAYS gives you data. Our proprietary sensors have the highest fidelity data streams in emergency response.

201 Level Products

All 201 Level Products include the basic data management tools. Added to these are a series of special tools that the trainer can use to bckup, process, and analyze the data further. There is access to all data and with the ability to filter and then export that filtered data. From there it is possible to use programs such as Excel to create charts and display their data.

First Trainer and 101 Products

Even our entry level products product excellent access to data. Our 101 level products and our First Trainer both come with a data management system. You can create names for groups and for individuals and data on performance is saved within those created logins on the local hard drive.

Real-time visual display is produced from the data stream as people perform the skills. When the activity is completed, the score and summary information is generated and displayed. The detailed data produced by the performance is on the hard drive.