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Data Basics In All Products

Available Immediately

 *  Immediate Access
 *  Immediate Summary Graphs
 *  Single Click to View Analysis
 *  View Results At Anytime
 *  Backup and Export

Easy Access

 *  Single Click to Display
 *  View Now or at a Later Time
 *  Analysis of Performance Charts
 *  Display on Large Screen

QCI Data Basics (All Products)

SmartMan ALWAYS gives you ACCURATE data. Our proprietary sensors have the highest fidelity data streams in emergency response. If you do not have reliable data, you cannot make informed decisions. QCI (Quality Control Information) module is the module included in all SmartMan products that allows you to access the data produced when an activity is performed. It provides visual display of information, allows you to backup your data and to export the information to an Excel spreadsheet.

All SmartMan Products Give You Accurate Data

All SmartMan produce accurate data. The colored graphs are constructed from data. When you see results, you can press on the various tabs to see summaries of the performance data and more detailed graphs. All products also provide you the ability to review any results at a later so that you have immediate access to that visual display of data.