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Baby CPR Pro and Baby CPR Pro+e

SmartMan Baby or Neonate CPR Pro


 *  Ventilation skills focus
 *  Adjustable lung capacity
 *  AAP, AHA, and PALS protocols for Baby & Neonate


 *  Baby and Neonate Available
 *  Extremely accurate volume and rate sensor
 *  Practice Protocol Timing

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NEW Update Available NOW! for AHA 2020 Guideline Changes

Baby or Neonate CPR PRO

UPDATE Released 12 November 2020. This new recommendation changes how you perform Rescue Breaths on a pediatric and neonatal patient. The rate of providing a ventilation is the same however the number of ventilations provided is increased from 12 - 20 to 20 - 30. Physically for the person providing the breaths this is a significant change.

A full new activity has been added. Also the existing protocol of 2015 remains so that you can continue to use the protocol and then change to the new one when you are ready. If you already have a SmartMan baby running version 2.0 or later, you can download the software for free.

The SmartMan Baby and Neonate are full body manikins and come in a padded carry bag. These simulators have an excellent look and feel. They provide real time feedback as skills are performed and they offer practice with all major protocols used throughout the world. There are no per student fees and software updates are free of charge. There are activities to practice full protocols as well as a tutor to help students with particular aspects of a skill.

Baby and Neonate include an accurate percentage final score as well as an accurate break down of performance parameters in a chart form. You can re-display any performance at any time. The included software includes an administrative section for trainers. A trainer can create logins for individuals to make it easy to print class lists with scores and dates. The trainers also has the ability to export results so they can be examined in Excel.

Features that Matter

Real Time Feedback For Chest Compressions, ventilations and CPR you have the SmartMan Award Winning Feedback. It is sensitive and accurate and uses bright colors to indicate depth, rate, and recoil. Baby and Neonate use the same feedback system as is used in the SmartMan Adult.

Accurate Ventilations Correct Ventilation practice is critical for Babies and Neonates as they suffer from breathing difficulties much more often than they suffer from a cardiac difficulty. SmartMan is very sensitive to the small volumes required for babies. You see the air as it flows into the lungs and you can display the tidal flow in real time.

Adjustable Lung Capacity A further innovation so that Baby and Neonate is more realistic, SmartMan created the only Baby and Neonate CPR trainers where the user can adjust the volume of air for the lungs as needed. This is important as there is a huge variation in baby sizes and lung capacities. Simply click and set the lung capacity and you can immediately practice for a different size Baby and Neonate.

Extended Warranty All SmartMan training products come with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty. An extended warranty which provides a 2nd and 3rd year warranty is available for purchase.

Videos on BABY Features: Ventilations | CPR and Compressions | Rescue Breathing

The SmartMan Feedback System


Baby CPR Pro+e with eSERT Starter

Focus On Data

 *  Objective Verifiable Benchmarks
 *  Establish Realistic Thresholds of Performance
 *  Chart Retention Levels
 *  Identify Areas Needing Improvement

Decision Making

 *  Graph Numbers and Performance Levels
 *  Show Maintenance of Standards
 *  Graph Trends Over Time
 *  Objective Analysis to Feed into ROI

For more Information Baby Pro+e brochure or Neonate Pro+e brochure.

Contact us for more details - "Info@Smartman.biz"

Baby or Neonate CPR PRO+e

This product adds the eSERT Data Service to your Baby and Neonate systems. eSERT is the SmartMan Data System that does all of the hard work related to Data for you, so you can focus on the meaning. The system collects and amalgamates the results data for the activities your students have produced. It cleans and verifies the data. SmartMan experts then create the Graphs and Tables for you to examine, export or include within your reports. You simply login and look for the meaning in your training Data.

It includes eSERT Starter which provides you with the full functionality of our advanced eSERT Max system. See below for further details and check out the brochure for more information.

eSERT brings the POWER of SmartMan's high performance ACCURACY into focus. Quickly print the graphs as pdf's or export them to include in larger reports. It is a system that has truly scientific standards so it can inform your decision making.

The SmartMan eSERT System