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RSIM Deliver A Shock

Heart Rhythms

Interpret Rhythms on 12 Lead ECG and Pads
Connect to Pads Connector Then Place Pads
Switch to Defibrillator Mode on Your Device
Analyze, Charge, and Deliver the Shock


Incorporate Use of YOUR Defibrillator
Practice Airway Skills and Defibrillator Use
Learn Team Movements and Timing

Integrate Use of Defibrillator

All RSIM products come with the ability to generate heart rhythms on YOUR defibrillator monitor. This allows you to integrate your own device into you advanced scenario training.
RSIM products can all be used with AED trainers. There is no display on an AED so you cannot see the heart rhythms.

Delivering the Shock / Pads Versus Paddles

RSIM products can be used with a defibrillator monitor with paddles rather than electrode pads. However, this requires that we modify the manikin before it is sent. To deliver a shock with paddles the manikin must be fitted with conductive posts.

AED / AED Mode

AED's do not have a monitor so you cannot display a heart rhythm. They will automatically detect the rhythm.

Most recent defibrillator with monitors have a switch so that the user selects which mode it is in. For example you can often see some or all of these mode settings on many such devices: ECG Mode, AED Mode, Pads or Defibrillate Mode, and Manual Mode.

Defibrillator Monitor

Our RSIM line of simulators will display heart rhythms on your Defibrillator Monitor via the ECG electrode and via the Pads Connector through the electrode pads. This brings a more authentic comprehensive scenario to your training.


If you are currently generating and displaying heart rhythms on your own defibrillator monitor, you may not require the shock solution. Simply specify that you do not require the shock solution to be included in this order.

When ordering your RSIM you must advise us of the make and model of your defibrillator. This is because the connector plugs from different manufacturers are different. We can provide plugs for the major brands. Please verify at the time of order.