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Why Data?

SmartMan ALWAYS gives you data. Our proprietary sensors have the highest fidelity data streams in emergency response training. Why? Because without data you are not able to assess how well you are doing, whether you are improving, and whether you are having an impact. We train so that people can improve their skills but without data we simply do not know. All evaluation, quality control and risk assessment projects require:

BENCHMARKS - Objective benchmarks already built in

METRICS - Validated metrics already built in

THRESHOLDS - Proven by science already built in

Accurate & Reliable with DATA

Our products are made to perform to a high standard and are accurate. For example, when you press on the chest to go 2.2 inches you go to that depth. We measure the rate of flow of air that goes into the lungs. We know the amount of pressure exerted from the BVM so we know when the air will go into the lungs and into the stomach. You need to be confident that you are training on accurate equipment. Smartman records all of the calibration settings along with all of the performance information.

You Select the Level of Help You Want with Your Data

Data can be confusing and it always takes time to clean results and organize them to show what it is you want to know. As you produce the Data, that is as people use SmartMan, it is accumulating. Perhaps you have the time and expertise to sort through the data yourself or perhaps you want to make use of the cloud to examine data from many different sites.

We can help with creating backups, archiving, cleaning the data, analyzing, exporting, creating reports, and creating graphical interfaces for you. You chose which of the service levels you wish. You can do it all yourself, or use our premiere product is called eSERT, where we custom build graphs and tables to display the answers to questions you specify.


With SmartMan you always have access to your data.

Depending on what you want to achieve with the data, you can purchase a 301 product which is designed for looking at data from multiple units in multiple sites. And if you want SmartMan to do the data collection, cleaning, archiving and build specific reports, then you should purchase the eSERT Bid Data service.