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Resuscitation Practice

                        Quality CPR
                Highest Quality

SmartMan defines quality in a clear objective scientific way. Its products are built on proprietary sensors designed to produce high levels of accuracy and reliability.

Its Award winning Feedback has set the highest standard for real time feedback for more than a decade.

Independent research has confirmed again and again that people who are trained on SmartMan consistently perform at the highest levels and produce the highest survival rates in the world.

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                         Bettre Feedback  
              Easier To Use

Even users new to SmartMan can be up and performing skills in about 10 minutes. Buttons are simple and important actions are a simple direct single click.

It is easy to use yet provides sophisticated interaction of parameters. When you use SmartMan, you can see how your actions relate to the status of the patient.

It also produces high quality data which you can access, examine and export.

It is simple to use and it works. Ask for a demo today.

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The beauty of COMPETENCE
SmartMan gives you the way

SmartMan provides High Quality Simulation Systems which focus on Emergency Resuscitation. Each system includes a manikin, advanced sensors, analog to digital converters, software to display the performance data, and tools to process the data. Our Award Winning Real Time Feedback continues to lead to world for ease of understanding, accuracy, and achieving the highest retention rates for learners.

We now have more than 20 Full Training Systems providing the most accurate performance data and real time response showing how actions relate to the status of the patient. These systems are proven to develop a very high level of competence.