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  • ResusMG201

    Team Training

Simulation for Team Training

Best practice simulation during team training means not just going through the motions, but performing together with the time running. Just because you have learned to perform a skill does not mean that you can perform it well when working together with others in time critical situations. These simulators bring crucial aspects to the fore. You get accurate real time feedback on the entire crew's full skills performance, including timings, critical events, and coordination. Now you can see how it all influences the condition of the patient. Debriefing gives you objective evidence for how the team training can be improved. Download Brochure

Advanced Life-Like Air Movement

This proprietary system is unique to SmartMan Resuscitation Systems.

The Delta Tidal Flow Interaction System (DTFIS) creates an excellent physical feel of pressure and sounds. The real time digital display of the movement of air in and out of the lungs during performance of CPR includes the influence of air being pushed out of the lungs and being sucked into the lungs when chest compressions are ongoing. It also includes the real change in volumes which influence how and when the BVM is used.


This advanced training product provides simulation which responds to the quality of CPR performed. The detailed debriefing report is aimed at specific skills to improve survival outcomes. Includes at-a-glance view of skills quality, fraction during the code, break down by code stage. The arms and legs and an IV arm can be added.

This provides you with a visual display of how the quality of the skills being performed is producing or not producing blood flow to the brain. It is updated every second and gives you a running condition display. At-A-Glance you see how interruptions and poor quality of skills performed directly influence the brain perfusion. See our video for more details Open video in a browser