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Simulation for Tasks Training - RSIMTASKS1

This is A Full Body, High Fidelity Manikin Simulator with Life-like interaction for air movement in the chest. It features the Award Winning Color Feedback to improve skills performance. It is built to take the repeated hard pounding of continued chest compressions training yet brings sophisticated immediate feedback.

In a sudden cardiac arrest, the single biggest influence on survival is the quality of chest compressions and second in importance is the amount of time off the chest. This simulator will dramatically improve these skills. It also provides the highest level interaction of air flow as the chest is moving providing life-like feel, the sounds and volume changes associated with the movement of the chest during these critical compressions. Download RSIM TASKS Brochure

This task trainer brings Improved Clinical Outcomes and is Proven to Relate to Higher Survival Rates from Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

Advanced Life-Like Air Movement

This proprietary system is unique to SmartMan Resuscitation Systems. The Delta Tidal Flow Interaction System (DTFIS) creates an excellent physical feel of pressure and you hear the sounds when the rescuers are generating conflicting pressures in the airway. The real time digital display of the movement of air in and out of the lungs during performance of CPR includes the influence of air being pushed out of the lungs and being sucked into the lungs when chest compressions are ongoing. It also includes the real change in volumes which influence how and when the BVM is used.

Although the focus of the Tasks Trainers is developing an accurate level of skills performance, they include sophisticated live responsive simulations. These give the student an improved understanding of how their performance relates to the patient condition. They see that when performing, the quality of that performance changes the status of the patient.

There is a visual display of how the quality of the skills being performed is producing or not producing blood flow to the brain. It is updated every second and gives you a running condition display. At-A-Glance you see how interruptions and poor quality of skills performed directly influence the brain perfusion. See our video for more details. Open video in a browser

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