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PRO+ QCI Management

Pro+ (SKU 301) is available on BLS, ALS, Megacode and Infant range of products. It is included as standard in our range of Resuscitation Simulators.


QCI management is designed to allow an oversight person such as an administrator, head of training, person responsible for quality control or researcher to have access to detailed training results. It provides for a cloud server where the data is stored. A stand alone software program allows access to the cloud from anywhere there is an INTERNET connection.

Data results can be immediate or results can be put onto the server in groups once training is finished.

Modes of Use

Mode 1: Immediate Results Data.
This allows a supervisor to see results being updated as they are done regardless of how distant the sites are. The training centers can be across the town, across the state or across the country. It provides a running tally on which places are performing and at what level. The supervisor has access to process that information as soon as the results are complete.

Mode 2: Collating Results Later
Often a supervisor is interested in viewing results information only at specific times. For example this might be at the end of each quarter or at the end of the year. In this case, the results from each training session and from each site need to be uploaded to the cloud before the supervisor can access them. Many place create a schedule for trainers to have the results uploaded.


SETUP. Your account requires SETUP. You must contact SmartMan to advise us of what key codes you would like linked to your cloud account. You can link have as many key codes as you wish.

REGISTER. Logins must be REGISTERED. You must be connected to the INTERNET when you register a login. Many names at once can be registered via a bulk registration process.

SEND RESULTS TO CLOUD. Results must be sent to the CLOUD. You need an INTERNET connection to do this. You can send results as activities are being performed, or you can send them at a later time.

ACCESS RESULTS. A supervisor must have the ACCESS Codes to log in to view those results.

Putting Results Files in the Cloud

Immediate Results Sending
To have results automatically sent to the cloud as they are completed follow the following procedure. Before you get started make sure the person is registered and that you are connected to the INTERNET.

The next person should login under their own name and then proceed to perform their activities as normal.

See video on submitting data to cloud: Open video in a browser | Play or download mp4

Access the Results Data from the Cloud

Your CLOUD account must be SETUP by SmartMan. Data is stored by your key codes. With you access codes you login and you will see the various key codes which are linked to your cloud account. You can choose to look at all of the result or filter those results.

See video on exporting data from cloud: Open video in a browser | Play or download mp4

For More Detailed Information

For more detailed information on using the software, buttons, menus, and exporting and extracting data, please see the QCI PDF Manual below.

SmartMan Quality Control Admin Module 0. Overview
2. Export Data
1. Using The Software
3. Raw Data