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Ventilation skills focus
Adjustable lung capacity
APA and AHA protocols for Neonate & Baby


Neonate and Baby Available
Extremely accurate volume and rate sensor
Practice Protocol Timing

SmartMan Pediatric CPR (Baby and Neonate)

NEW Update Available NOW! for Pediatric AHA 2020 Guideline Changes

Released 12 November 2020. This new recommendation changes how you perform Rescue Breaths on a pediatric patient. The rate of providing a ventilation is the same how the number of ventilations provided is increased from 12 - 20 to 20 - 30. Physically for the person providing the breaths this is a significant change.

A full new activity has been added. Also the existing protocol of 2015 remains so that you can continue to use the protocol and then change to the new one when you are ready. If you already have a SmartMan baby running version 2.0 or later, you can download the software for free."

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