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What - English SmartMan Webinar & Demonstration ( Conducted by V4EMS ):
When - Date: Tues 02 Mar, 2021 -- Time: 7:00pm EST -- 4:00pm PST Vancouver/Los Angeles
             Date: Wed 03 Mar, 2021 -- Time: 8:00am WITA Bali, Indonesia

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SmartMan Includes the Manikin & the Software
Always with Real Time Color Feedback

SmartMan salutes the Canada Heart and Stroke Foundation with its recent move to implement feedback for CPR training.

SmartMan Products, Courses and Services are created to improved skills and team performance for people who might be called upon to respond to a medical emergency. Our high fidelity manikins have proprietary sensors to provides accurate real time feedback like no other systems. The real time colored bars provide a great amount of detail but are simple and quick to understand. The SmartMan software is easy to run and gives you access to performance scores for easy record keeping.

At our company we measure our success by whether more people survive neurologically intact to go home to their families. Our Motto is More Survivors in Better Condition!



ONLY on SmartMan

The Delta Tidal Flow Interaction System is V4EMS proprietary technology. It was developed exclusively for SmartMan Resuscitation Simulators and CPR Training systems. It brings the next level of realism to your training.

Realistic Response The superior physical build inside of the manikin brings realism to airflow for improved practice on the use of a Bag Valve Mask (BVM). This is a widely required skill for many conditions from conscious sedation to respiratory distress and is especially important when dealing with COVID-19 patients. During assisted ventilation DTFIS creates natural chest resistance which increases as volume is increased. It also allows you to feel the pressure generated when the chest moves. DTFIS provides the student with a more life-like response which provides for improved training. It gives the learner more parameters on things that matter to the outcome of the patient.


ALWAYS ACCURATE data Our proprietary sensors have the highest fidelity data streams in emergency response. If you do not have reliable data, you cannot make informed decisions! The colored graphs are constructed from data. When you see results, you can press on the various tabs to see summaries of the performance data and more detailed graphs. All products also provide you the ability to review any results at a later so that you have immediate access to that visual display of data.

EASY TO ACCsESS IMMEDIATELY Our QCI (Quality Control Information) module is included in all SmartMan products so you have immediate access to your data. You can filter and export your data right from within the SmartMan software.

eSERT - Enhanced System for Emergency Response Training - is our SmartMan Data Service that does the work of collecting and putting together your data. It also includes graphical and tabular displays of your data so you can quickly makes sense of it. eSERT Starter is included in all 301 level products and in RSIM products.